Emergency Assistance

Here When You Need Help

ECKAN offers a broad spectrum of support services tailored to meet your needs, no matter the obstacle you’re seeking to overcome. Additionally, ECKAN partners with numerous agencies and businesses in East Central Kansas to further ensure needs are met.

From housing payments to gas vouchers, health care to school supplies, ECKAN uses federal funds, donations, and community grants to see others through emergency situations. All ECKAN County Coordinators stay current on available local community resources to help ensure all individuals and families receive the help they deserve.

Housing Assistance

Rent and Utility Assistance | Temporary Housing Needs

Emergency rent and utility bill payments keep people in their homes. For others who have lost their housing, ECKAN and its community partners work to find and pay for temporary housing solutions, such as motel stays, until those seeking assistance find secure housing again.


Car Repairs | Bus Passes | Gas Vouchers

Travel barriers can keep someone from getting what they need or risk their security and comfort. ECKAN covers fuel and car repairs and provides bus passes to help people keep moving forward.

Holiday Bureau Programs

Holiday Gifts | Food Baskets

Holiday bureaus aid families during the winter holiday season. Participants in these programs are often provided with food baskets in addition to new toys for their children. Each county’s programs are unique, and processes are based on the local communities’ needs.

School Supply Programs

School Fees | School Supplies

School supply programs provide children in K-12th grades with the necessary materials to have a positive learning experience from the very first day of the school year.

Health Care

Prescription Vouchers | Dental Vouchers | Health Care Vouchers | Vision Care Vouchers

Everyone needs access to health care services. ECKAN partners with many dental clinics, health departments, vision clinics, and gas stations to reduce barriers for customers in need of care. All partner entities use ECKAN’s voucher system and are often willing to provide discounted rates.

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